Please believe me you’re not on your own if you consider the challenges of decluttering as a mountainous task of minimising and organising.

When you think about having a good clear out of a room, or decluttering on a large scale, do you ask yourself “Where do I Start”?

We begin with a plan of action.  Pointless moving stuff from one place to another without first considering a methodical and practical approach.

Is it a personal challenge that may be physically or emotionally just too much to consider?

Providing physical, emotional and motivational support is part of our everyday experience of working literally with hundreds of people.

We don’t see clutter as challenging as we actually enjoy the task of returning the chaos of a cluttered room to a habitable living space.  Regularly we see positive and often life changing outcomes.   So we cannot but feel a true sense of enthusiasm and spirit for the service we provide.

“ I can now sleep in my bed for the first time in 3 years.
I could not have done it without the help and support of the decluttering service. ”
Mrs L.
Does it fill you with dread?

We will be there to motivate and not to dictate, nothing is removed from your home without your approval and say so. We will also provide and assist you with the various options available for re-cycling or selling items which you may feel are too good to go to waste.

How to return organisation and order when there is so much to do?

When living daily with the challenges brought about from hoarding and clutter there can be a sense of no return.

It’s possible that working with our experienced team you may see a return to a habitable living space within a few days or even hours. Finding the rights support is paramount to what can be a life changing experience.

When the home is decluttered the next step is to learn to keep on top of it. A new way of housekeeping may be necessary.  For this we use motivational self-help tools to help keep you on track.

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