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Hectic lives, illness, not enough space and for many more reasons people become unorganised.  To the point of finding their lives revolve around a constant hunt for misplaced items and constantly stepping over those things we have no storage for. Until eventually panic and stress often become a consistent state of being.

Modern homes are often far bigger than the homes of years ago and far more cluttered due to our demand and ability to buy stuff…. what all this excess buying means for most of us is more time spent trying to maintain our living spaces to keep some sense of order in our lives.

Do you really want to spend your evenings and weekends knee-deep in clutter?  Never sure where anything is, and constantly stepping over all those things that you just had to have.

Better organising of space and storage with some possible minimising may be your only option for returning order and calm to your life.

Tackling a good clear out of clutter and addressing practical storage solutions begins with a plan of action,  method of working and yes, organisation. Thought needs to be given to accessibility for immediate or regular use, which room for its purpose, or packed away for future use. These are just some of the thoughts and decisions that need to be considered before beginning.

” WOW!!!!!!!! Gail, you and your team have done an amazing job!!! ”
Community Housing Officer

Some people are born to be organised – others learn to be organised – others have to get organised…. by nature I’m organised and love nothing better than de-cluttering, arranging cupboards, wardrobes, desks and drawers to become efficiently arranged and useful.

Thinking outside the box is also exciting when it comes to storage.
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