Pre-move Downsizing

Often going hand in hand with moving to a smaller property and where the amounts of items in the current home are unlikely to fit into the new home, downsizing of belongings becomes a necessary part of this chapter of life.

Making choices of which items will not be going with you can be a daunting and difficult task. Many people start too late, approaching pre-move downsizing as one big project … and then have to rush through it. That’s when mistakes are made and that can lead to regret. By taking time the individual or family members have time to reminisce and even enjoy talking of the memories an item may bring.

Our Approach

An ideal approach is as a series of regular efforts and creating a timetable that works for everyone involved. We often start by sorting through one area of the house.  Or one category of items and divide them into piles designated: Keep Throw or Donate.

Giving things away can make a life transition easier, however, for items that have been chosen to sell there are online auctions, second hand shops and car boot sales. This however takes time and effort so starting early is all important.

The first step may even be to hire an evaluator to go through the entire house to tell you which pieces may be valuable. Those items can be sold at auction.
We believe it is important to make sure that no one rushes the process or leaves out people who should be involved in the decision making. Our method of working is to always have the individual, a family member or representative available to make all decisions.

Please note:
We will need to make an assessment of the property to enable us to give an accurate quote.

A Way with Clutter holds a legal waste carrier & broker licence. To check us on the register go to Natural Resources Wales or Environmental for England and make a permit holder search for A Way with Clutter. We have an environmental policy which means we re-cycle wherever possible. We only work in partnership with legal waste removal professionals and, most important – we do not fly tip.

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