I just wanted to say a Big Thank You for all your hard work.

De-cluttering for someone is a very difficult & challenging job, due to the attachments people form with their belongings.
Your person-centred, patient & understanding of a person’s needs is exceptional & I know you will be hearing from us at the The Friendly Trust very soon.

I can thoroughly recommend your service to others.

Chris Hutchins(Trust Officer) The Friendly Trust
I must say that the service provided was brilliant. No judgments were made about the home and its condition. They handled the task in a professional, courteous manner taking great care of the ladies belongings. Respect for the lady was there at all times even though she wasn’t present.  The manner in which they dealt with the ladies family was also very professional.
Advocacy Case WorkerAge Connects Torfaen
I wish to express my sincere thanks for the way that you and your colleagues cleared my sister’s property.  I was impressed not only with the speed of your efforts but also by the compassionate way it was executed.  Thank you also for arranging the valuable attendance of the local charity.
A brothers Testimony
I am very impressed with the end result and have spoken to Mr W who is extremely pleased with the new look of his flat. Thank you for your help with this one, your intervention has greatly increased Mr W quality of life.
Neighbourhood Manager
Thank you for all the hard work you both did the difference you made in such a short amount of time amazes me.
I hope someone else will also have the benefit of the service.  It’s a good help for people who cannot do it themselves.  Two very nice people, I was very comfortable with them in my home.  It’s nice to have someone do something for you.
The help you and your team gave Miss L in her home would be hugely beneficial to a lot of the families we work with as home conditions are often a precipitating concern. Your service does quickly what it would take us and the family a long time to do.
Assistant team ManagerFamily Focus Team
Wow, what a difference!  Great work! I think your work with the family has had such an impact on them, not just the difference to the clutter but their lifestyle.  The family are now more confident liaising with other services and getting the help and support they need now – very well done.
Community Housing Officer
I feel this is an invaluable service which can really help people whose lifestyle has become a bit ‘challenging’ to regain a quality of life, particularly at a point where their health may be deteriorating and they need to be at home more than before and in a pleasant environment.
Your service was thorough swift compassionate and totally professional and when I arrived last night dad was full of praise for your work and this morning he is ready for his new home.
Dave & Sonia