Awareness Training

Hoarding & Clutter Awareness Training

Homes that are extremely cluttered put the professional community and supporting teams at a disadvantage to deliver their profession to “best practice.”
Fire services national statistics state that fuel loading (clutter) causes up to 33% of injuries or deaths due to being unable to access the property quickly enough. SRLs, landlords, housing associations state that homes cannot under go much needed repairs, refurbishments or safety checks due to inaccessibility.

To ensure that employees have the right skills and competences to achieve and deliver your business core values we have developed our hoarding & clutter awareness training to meet those needs. Our training will include case studies and outcomes from our own experience of working with hundreds of hoarders and from working in partnership with professional services in the community.

This is not a decluttering training programme. (See decluttering training below)

Training aims

The aim is for delegates to develop a non-judgemental understanding of hoarding, an awareness of far reaching detrimental effects, a learning of strategies, skills, knowledge, competence and the confidence to achieve positive outcomes to ensure a professional delivery of support.

Delegates will be provided with a combination of supporting motivational tools which can be used to encourage and motivate those who live in the chaos of clutter to help themselves.

Training Objectives
Raising awareness of the need to improve safeguarding
Hoarding as a behaviour of self-neglect
Understanding of the differences between hoarding and clutter
Understanding the effects on an individual, their family, housing, the community, and statutory service providers
Anxiety and stress awareness - actions to minimise
Use of practical motivational tools for reflection and encouragement
Holistic Approach - effective signposting
Decluttering Training

Our service has expanded to offering a bespoke de-cluttering training programme which will enable growth of a decluttering service within your own organisation. Training is most effective when taking a hand on approach in a home that is cluttered; this will enable us to pass on the skills and knowledge which we ourselves have gained from our own comprehensive decluttering & organising experience.

We understand that the capacity to develop a full service within your organisation may not always be available to you; therefore we adapt your training to suit your own business needs and requirements. Holistically this is an exciting service which opens up opportunities to partnership with local community service providers and where extreme positive outcomes can be achieved in a short time scale.

Of course we are always here to support any de-cluttering needs or to act as consultants for any of your clutter and hoarding challenges.

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